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Dock Decking

The Galv-A-Dock decking present an aesthetic quality, that will generate pride. With your choice of state-of-the-art molded plastic decking, either in beige or white color and clear cedar wood(available in Minnesota only). The Galv-A-Dock one piece molded plastic deck, provides an anti-slip texture surface, comfortable for walking bare foot on, sitting on, or sunbathing. The Galv-A-Dock decking is aesthetically consistent and clean looking, year after year. Longer lasting, relates to, less cost over its lifespan. Durable and maintenance free, your Galv-A-Dock system provides the maximum protection for your boat.

Benefits of Galv-A-Dock Plastic Decking, that only a rotational – Molded Decks can offer.

  • Longest Lasting product of all the decking surfaces available
  • Consistent Rigid Deck, with Anti-Slip Resistant Textured Surface.
  • Built in Bumper Protection, with finished molded round edges
  • Most durable decking surface available
  • Stays cool on the hottest summer days
  • Friendliest to the feet, no sharp edges
  • One solid deck, not separate components, fastened together
  • Friendliest to the ears, no squeaks or harsh metallic ring
  • Environmentally friendly, no toxic side effects
  • No Decay, splits, cracks, or splinters, no painting, or need to be replaced like wood

Galv-A-Dock is the only dock product with the attention to detail on every component that Waterfront Specialties Inc. produces. It's belief is, with the compatibility of all the dock components throughout, compliments why Galv-A-Dock can fullfill virtually all lakeshore owner's waterfront needs. Galv-A-Dock has the track record of it's products, out lasting any competitors products, being storm resistant, (to date, with stood winds in excess of 100 miles per hour). Galv-A-Dock offers an unthinkable 10 year written warranty, what more could you as a lakeshore owner expect, from a dock than what Galv-A-Dock has to offer.


The Galv-A-Dock complete line of products is 100% maintenance free!