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Multi Slip Dock

Multiple Slips are available in both, covered and open slips, or a mixture of both. Open slip can be widen enough to handle 2 boats on lifts. The structural design of Galv-A-Dock, is adequate for any size inland boat, due to the rigidity and user friendly, above water method of installation and removal.


The Galv-A-Dock boathouse, is the most efficient, and best protection for mooring wide body cruisers, because they are designed to fit the boat with limited wasted space. The design of the Galv-A-Dock boathouse is both clean and aesthetically appealing, with minimal clearance between the canopy steel frame work and the boathouse vinyl cover, prevents birds from nesting, (eliminating nuisance of bird droppings). The installation and removal procedure allows, for faster install, and removal, while it reduces the installation cost for each slip by sharing the walkway expense between all slip users. Galv-A-Dock has an instructional video to assist those, who wish to perform the installation themselves.


The Galv-A-Dock system with multiple open slips, has the option for multiple boathouse covers, that are interlocked to the dock framework, for a clean appearance and stable setup. The covers can be installed at the time of purchasing the dock or any time in the future. The limitation for how many covers attached to a single multiple slip setup, are limited to your shoreline area or any governing agency that has rules as to how much coverage area allowed over the water.

To watch the Galv-A-Dock Video Click Here.