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Wholesale Programs

Waterfront Specialties Inc. has muliple choices for dealer programs to choose from, based on various criteria, as to the size of boats, an open slip ,covered slip, straight dock or L-shape dock. The public exposure, through its retail facilities, (relating to high way frontage) and what boat shows the dock is displays at. To View the various dock programs in your market area, will require the complete information form filled out and emailed to us, at Waterfront Specialties Inc. There needs to be experienced dock installer for the success of a Galv-A-Dock dealer for the requested area. Feel free to contact our sales department at 1-800-861-8882, to discuss what may be on your mind. Waterfront Specialties Inc. does not sell direct to the public. There for it is vital that we receive the information requested, before we can discuss what Galv-A-Dock can offered in your area. Waterfront Specialties looks forward to your request, we will do everything to help build your market for your business, to succeed. There is not a better stationary dock system available, with a dedicated company, including show representation when requested then Waterfront Specialties Inc. You can be assured that Galv-A-Dock will be the best dock for your customers, that money can buy, guaranteed.

Jeffrey A. Fox
President of Waterfront Specialties Inc.
Victoria, MN.